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Sports Figures and Industry Leaders Continue to Inspire Fans

By Tamas Zador

After a long drought of uncertainty, when fans would be able to unite in stadiums, any sports related content seems to capture attention from fans around the country. While recent programs haven’t been the live sports we have grown accustomed to, they have succeeded in satisfying our need for entertainment while staying home.

It all started one Sunday with The Last Dance, a docuseries some fans eagerly waited for over 20 years to watch. It was well-worth it. Sports has had a real strength uniting people, and The Last Dance showed us the impact athletes can have on bringing the public together. Micheal Jordan and the Bulls dynasty inspired generations, both those who lived through the dynasty and those who lived it through players and media personnel recap of his glory years. No matter what, fans and non-fans were able to come together:

You do not have to be a Bulls fan...You do not have to be a sports fan...You do not have to experience it live.

The Last Dance was motivational at a time when it was hard to find positivity in our daily lives. We live in a period where inspiration and hope are dwindling and we don’t realize how heavily we rely on the media to promote positivity through entertainment. People often find themselves losing motivation to work hard and improve their outlook on the world.

Athletes are struggling just as much as anyone else. No matter if you are a general manager, coach, player or a fan at home, everyone is working to find their own balance of learning, relaxing, and achieving at a high level for their communities.

Home workouts became a healthy trend on social media. More and more, athletes and celebrities are sharing their workouts with their fans so they can follow their routines to keep a healthy mind and body.

It has been great to see sports and major cultural figures interacting with their fanbase online. Sports organizations and brands are making sure we are safe and are doing what they can to help the public. As a result, they turned their focus to community outreach to support the stay-home order with putting their sports stars on the front page of their content.

DePaul is no different, as every athlete has been making short video messages with one or two at-home activities for kids in the Chicago area. Our athletic staff and coaches are also taking care of us by checking in weekly, as well as providing daily workout and nutrition plans.

Giving back to the community is an important aspect of sports that should always be emphasized. It is especially important during hard times to remember that solace can be found in knowing both adults and kids are able to look up and see messages put forth by community leaders and sports icons like Michael Jordan.



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