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ImPRint Your Passion:
Diverse Voices

Welcome to DePaul University’s PRSSA Diversity and Inclusion portal. Here, you will find resources aimed at inviting, nurturing, and developing a more multicultural pool of talent within the PR industry. Not sure if PR is for you? Check out our blog to read-up on what other diverse alumni are doing within the profession and reach out to network with members of our growing multicultural mentor base.


Why Multicultural Students?


Public relations is about building relationships to get stories told. At DePaul’s PRSSA chapter, we aim to continuously build meaningful connections with the diverse array of communities our students come from. We believe inclusion is necessary for multicultural identities to be both represented with accuracy and authenticity in the media. That being said, we wish to invite you, as a multicultural individual, to imPRint your passion and identity in PR.








About Vision of Us                                                   


The PRSSA Diversity and Inclusion initiative was started in 2019 by Vision of Us. Jumping off the realization that there existed a deep lack of diversity within the PR space, Vision of Us sought to initiate campus-wide reflection on the importance of diversity and inclusion within public relations.

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