Executive Board

Meet the DePaul PRSSA 2020-2021 executive board! 

Lauren Russett

Year: Senior

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Career Goal: Continue to do PR work in the housing industry until I can one day own a country club

Favorite thing about PRSSA: All the incredible people I have met both with chapter and national events. I love meeting and connecting with people who have different interests and backgrounds as me. 

Fun Fact: I know more about the royal family, their history, and life than I would care to admit

Twitter: @russettlauren 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/laurenrussett

Natalie Rohman
Executive Vice President
Taylor Williams
VP of Hospitality

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Career Goal: Make a positive impact on the world through PR

Favorite thing about PRSSA: Meeting new friends and learning about great career opportunities

Fun Fact: I just discovered chai tea lattes and I'm obsessed!
Linkedin: linkedin.com/taylornwilliams

Chybrenna Minton
VP of Professional Development

Year: Senior

Hometown: Joliet, IL

Career Goal: To work in PR at a smaller and more specialized agency that focuses on health

Favorite thing about PRSSA: The networking opportunities I've had with professionals

Fun Fact: I am a US veteran, mom of 5, and returning student

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/chybrenna-fitch-minton

Rebecca Veselinovich
VP of Special Events
Christina Milich
VP of Social Media
Jennifer Honeycutt
VP of Creative

Year: Junior

Hometown: Topeka, KS

Career Goal: To work in political campaign management or political communications

Favorite thing about PRSSA: The challenge to push out of your comfort zone and get to know people who have similar interests!

Fun Fact: I appeared on a TV dating show called, "Not My Type"
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/jenniferhoneycutt

Tommy Zador
VP of Community Outreach

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