Hey Chicago, April 1 is National Census Day!

We may be best known as the City of Big Shoulders, but we all share an even bigger love for our town. We're asking you to show your love for Chicago and your neighborhood by pledging to participate in the 2020 Census beginning in March.
Why Should You Pledge? Because the Census stakes are high. 
2010 Census data informed more than $34 billion in federal funding each year for 10 years for Illinois schools, healthcare, emergency services, and roads—all the things that make your community a better place to live. For students, census data drives Pell Grants and Federal Direct Student Loans. Responding to the census is fast, easy and safe. And for the first time, you can participate online.

So please, love where you count and pledge to participate in the 2020 Census!

"I pledge to participate because the Census drives Federal Pell Grants and Federal Direct Student Loans"

Matthew, College Student

"I pledge to participate because an accurate census count determines the number of seats Illinois gets in Congress. And we're at risk of losing at least one seat!"

Melissa, Renter

"I pledge to participate because responding to the Census gives me the power to show my community some love. I love Chicago and the census count helps Chicago get our fair share of federal money."

Victoria, Renter

"I pledge to participate because it is quick and easy"

RJ, College Student

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