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Social Media Strategy and Listening Workshop With Andrew Willett and Lauren Russett

By Kendall Duwal and Kailah (KP) Peters

Last week our very own Andrew Willett and Lauren Russett lead a meeting on social media techniques. The two pulled from personal experience to give tips on strategy and tracking. Willett kicked us off by introducing everyone to Cision. Cision is a media monitoring platform used by professionals. DePaul students do get access to Cision. For more information on this contact the College of Communication.

Cision is vital in the process of delivering news to clients. The platform connects PR professionals with journalist, news outlets, and more. It allows us to gauge industry trends and what competitors are doing. Cision also does secondary research on how the audience receives news, such as distribution, monitoring tone and analyzing impressions.

Next we looked at Spredfast, a community management program. Spredfast allows users to track trends, highlight insights, social media strategy. On this platform you can make a social media calendar, similar to Hootsuite. The best part of this platform is the Social Media Playbook. Many have called this the social media Bible. It offers guidelines & house rules for different platforms.

Last we looked at Hootsuite, a social media organization platform. Hootsuite allows users to easily schedule content for multiple platforms, see what posts will look like before uploading, track audience engagement and directly respond to audience engagement.

Other programs to be aware of:

LexisNexis (DePaul Library has this)

Meltwater (very common along with Cision)


Salesforce Social Studio






10 questions to ask yourself when managing social media:

How does the post volume compare to last period? (percent change: new-old/new *100)

What are causing changes in post volume?

Is there anyone that matters talking about our brand?

Are there any posts that have been highly shared that stand out?

Any mentions from business leaders?

Is the ‘negative’ feedback really negative?

What type of media trend is growing the most? (This is usually Twitter)

Any large percentage of increase in mentions from a certain country?

Any specific words that stand out as unique?

What are the weekly insights?

Reports should be in a few short paragraphs

Mention post volumes, what people are talking about, percentages, graphs)



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