I joined PRSSA as a way to network with like-minded future professionals and learn more about the more exciting side of public relations. I think by far the best part about PRSSA is the agency visits because they really give you a chance to see what the working world will be like. Agency visits also provide excellent networking opportunities, giving you face time with career-driven, well-accomplished people.
PRSSA has given me countless connections, opportunities, and insight into the public relations field. Because of PRSSA I know that I will emerge from college with not only a degree, but tools that will empower me to be an asset to my agency and clients.
Joining PRSSA was the best decision I’ve ever made in college. The professionals I’ve networked with, the companies I’ve visited, the friends I’ve made, and the opportunities I’ve had being a part of this organization are invaluable!
There is no greater source of motivation than being in a room of your peers who are all working towards the same career goals as you are.

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DePaul Public Relations Student Society is a pre-professional network that helps students learn about the public relations industry and prepare for their future.

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