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Zeta Phi Eta: DePaul's New Communications Fraternity is Elevating Opportunities to Stay Connected

By Christina Milich

Zeta Phi Eta at DePaul’s mission is to create a communication-inclusive organization that allows individuals to bond over their dedication to advancing and exploring career paths.

The national organization, Zeta Phi Eta, is a professional fraternity with chapters at universities nationwide. ZPE gives students an opportunity to enhance their skills in communication through active participation in professional development workshops and networking events. Members actively participate in a wide range of events hosted by the fraternity, including guest speaker presentations, community service, and social events to build community. 

As the DePaul Chapter of the national organization, ZPE is committed to connecting students with opportunities, furthering their professional skills and goals in the field of communication. We are looking to gain members in all majors under the umbrella of communication and would love for everyone to spread the word about us!

To be a member of Zeta Phi Eta, all members must meet all the following requirements: 

  • Pursuing a degree in the College of Communication

  • Completion of at least 3 courses in the College of Communication

  • Maintain a grade point average above 2.9

  • Receive a ¾ majority vote into the organization by all current chapter members

  • Complete membership dues in a timely matter

    • Dues include a one time initiation fee of $30 

    • Pay $70 each quarter

New member recruitment for the fall has ended, however, a few of our events are open to the public! Follow @zpedepaul in Instagram to learn about those events! We also will be recruiting new members winter quarter and if you have any other questions email for more information!


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