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Public Relations On-Deck: DePaul PRSSA Scores a Site Visit to the Chicago Cubs

By Natalie Rohman

On Friday, January 24, DePaul PRSSA had a full-swing with the internal communications and marketing team at the Chicago Cubs headquarters—it was a homerun to say the least.

Members had the chance to tour the 6-story building and soak up history as they toured the office foyer, getting the chance to see the 2016 World Champions trophy in person.

Pictured left to right, Natalie Rohman (VP of Digital) and Stephanie Robertson (VP of Professional Development)

DePaul alum, Emma Finkbeiner, and Digital Media Coordinator alongside her team members, Courtney Clemmons, Organizational Communications Coordinator, and Ariana Monaveti, Public Relations, welcomed DePaul PRSSA and emphazied their tactics for engaging younger generation Cubs fans through their 2019 Stranger Things Night Campaign.

Members were able to learn more about the internal marketing affairs and how the communications team was able to draw audiences outside of the sports realm through their partnership with Netflix.

Fanny packs, 80s bands, and an AR snapchat filter drew crowds and unleashed a new 2020 slogan that wrapped fans' love for baseball and entertainment—Where Stories Play. Introducing a promotional movie poster as the Cub's 2020 baseball season comes to life.

Learn more about DePaul PRSSA's upcoming events and award winning regional conference, this February, here!


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