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DePaul PRSSA Hosts Skittles: One Sweet Musical

By Natalie Rohman

Who would have thought that the Super Bowl was also a time for a musical production of the classic candy we know and love to be Skittles? This year, Skittles was able to secure presence during the Super Bowl without actually purchasing an ad. Now that’s one “taste” of the rainbow we, at DePaul PRSSA, could not let pass.

With much competition, Skittles had to creatively plan an unforgettable PR stunt that no one expected. To much surprise, Skittles had not only hit the headlines for this candy themed musical no one would have ever heard of, but that also included the Super Bowl and theater niches. This musical was an actual thirty minute Broadway performance, featuring Michael C. Hall, as the lead—they sold out.

On April 8th, DePaul PRSSA welcomed former DePaul students, Bailey Appleton of Mediacom and Lainie McKeague of ICF Next, to talk about their PR role in the Skittles Broadway show. PRSSA members were immersed in the campaign and were very intrigued by how widespread this production came to be.

Preceding the Skittles presentation, new and existing eboard members introduced themselves and welcomed PRSSA members to spring quarter. They shared programming for the quarter and upcoming meetings and events, which can be found, here. DePaul PRAD professor, Dr. Maria De Moya, came in to discuss the ethics of PR, as well as, the responsibilities that every PR professional needs to understand before working in the industry.

Some key takeaways from both representatives of Skittles and Dr. De Moya are that PR professionals need to be constantly on their feet, jumping off creative ideas, and withholding a reputable brand by thinking outside of the box. Taking the right judgement that applies to every company and getting a little uncomfortable can truly produce some colorful rewards.


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