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Welcome to PRSSA! Nonprofit PR with Michael Queroz

By Natalie Rohman

Welcome to DePaul’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and to all current members welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year. We have a promising year ahead of us and fresh content for the exPRess blog so stay tuned!

If you are new to PRSSA and are wondering what it’s all about, PRSSA is the only pre-professional organization on campus. We also encourage students to reach their full PR capabilities by introducing them into the world of networking, and the industry itself.

This organization and group of empowering and passionately driven students accept everyone and are committed to helping their fellow blue demons reach professional, as well as, communicative success. Throughout the quarter, there will be agent visits, info meetings, internship bootcamp, and bonding activities because DePaul PRSSA can become your second home!

This week’s meeting, DePaul PRSSA welcomed PR professional and Account Supervisor at Public Communications Inc., Michael Queroz to share his past PR experience specifically in non-profit PR.

Michael studied public relations and advertising at UIC and was determined to get his foot in the door as soon as he could sophomore year of college. With numerous PR internships, Queroz explained how having experience and choosing a company or a mission that you believe in will ultimately show the “direct impact that PR can have” on your professional journey.

By setting goals and measurable achievement for yourself, you will succeed in the PR field. Especially with non-profit PR, Queroz stressed that at the end of the day, working for a company that will produce ultimate good for the community makes him the most happy about his PR career. He also suggests that when asking questions to other PR professionals about internships, don’t be afraid to offer your own skill sets and what made other interns succeed!

We would like to again thank Mr. Queroz for sharing his professional PR experiences with us. If you missed this week’s meeting, that’s totally okay! Next week we will have our first site visit at the Poetry Foundation on September, 28th. Our next meeting will be on October, 1st at 6pm in Art and Letters 207 discussing hospitality PR!



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