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Executive Board Position Duties and Application

Application Due Date: Feb. 12, 2020


If interested in applying for DePaul PRSSA’s executive board please email 1) Your resume and 2) A cover letter listing the top two positions you’re interested in and why you would like to join the executive board to


Below are the positions available on our executive board. Next to each position is the name of the board member who currently holds that role. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your board member of interest, or DePaul PRSSA’s president Bryanna St. Pierre at



Position Descriptions


VP of Professional Development

  • Work with the president on assigning themes and planning all chapter meetings.

  • Responsible for contacting guest speakers and/or interactive workshops/discussions for chapter meetings along with the president.

  • Plan all agency visits (2 per quarter) including outreach and thank you notes for visits.

  • Monitor for internship opportunities and local YPN events to pass along to our membership.

  • Book rooms for all events and meetings.

  • Budget Chapter funds/oversee bank account and all monetary transactions.

  • Collect all dues and send dues to PRSSA national.

  • Assist chapter president with any needs.


VP of Special Events   

  • Brainstorm ideas for socials and special events with Chapter President and Executive Board.

  • Write and submit a bid to PRSSA National to host a regional conference, if interested.

  • Assist President with #PlankMentor Day.

  • Connect with members of other Chicago PRSSA chapters for socials and other event opportunities.


VP of Digital     

  • Maintain the DePaul PRSSA website by updating the current sections with new information and noteworthy Chapter news.

  • Manage the exPRess blog by creating content calendars and working with other members to contribute content.

  • Edit all exPRess blog posts to maintain tight AP style.

  • Work with VP of Social Media to create a promotional video for recruitment and any other large events.

  • Create graphics with VP of Social Media for DePaul PRSSA events (conference logo, etc.)

  • Be ready to assist any executive board member with digital/creative content creation.


VP of Social Media    

  • Act as an online community manager for DePaul PRSSA members and the wider PRSSA network.

  • Schedule all chapter meeting related promotional posts for each quarter.

  • Live tweet meetings and events we’re hosting/attending.

  • Monitor PRSSA social media and continuously engage with our members, national members, and other chapters.

  • Be ready to respond to comments or mentions online about DePaul PRSSA in a professional yet friendly manner.

  • Take pictures at meetings and other events to post to social media pages.

  • Design all organization’s graphics with the VP of Digital.

  • Promote opportunities that members would be interested in such as internship and job opportunities, upcoming networking events, industry news, and meeting topics.



VP of Communication​

  • Greeting all members and guest speakers at every chapter meeting.

  • Monitor the DePaul PRSSA email.

  • Create the slideshows for weekly meetings. 

  • Write the “Meeting Reminder” email and send it out before each general body meeting.

  • Send out chapter update each Tuesday, include meeting notes from general body meeting or executive board meeting.​

  • Research preferred methods and times of communication within our chapter membership.


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