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Hill + Knowlton Strategies Visit

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By Alex Kowalski

On Friday, October 20th, 2017 I had the pleasure of being one of the PRSSA members to visit Hill + Knowlton Strategies. As a freshman still in her first quarter, I have little to no experience in the PR world, lacking knowledge on the whole field itself (hopefully this will change by the end of the year). I was immediately intrigued by the possibility of visiting a PR firm and took the opportunity to see what a day for the firm entails with much enthusiasm.

DMl4aBKWsAIn1dYMy goal for the visit was not only to learn about the company such as its goals, values, or projects, but also to see if this was a field that I could possibly see myself entering in the future; if it was a path I would like to continue pursuing. Not only did our visit to Hill+Knowlton educate me about their company with vivid presentations, but it became clear to me that PR seems like the perfect fit for me.

Hill+Knowlton is a global consulting company, earning it the title of the first ever international public relations firm. Our visit began with speaking to five employees from H+K, Hallie Wyckoff, Elsie Ayala, Lindsey Barber, Kelsey Schroeder, Kasia Kujawski, half of which are DePaul alumnae. The presenters held various job titles and job descriptions. They each began by sharing their story, how they got to H+K, what current projects they were working on, and their overall experience with the firm. Each had their own story, specialty, and personal touch to H+K regarding how they run their campaigns. It was nice being able to connect with them particularly those who graduated from DePaul as not too long ago they were in our same shoes. Now they offered insight and advice on how we could grow ourselves and advance in the field.

After the introductions and delicious breakfast that H+K generously provided, we went through and discussed several of H+K’s recent projects and accounts that they have worked with. We got the inside scoop on the whole process of a public relations campaign and how it is run. I never realized how many little details can aid and influence the whole campaign. We analyzed the campaigns by examining such questions as: what was difficult? How were hardships overcome? What tactics were used for the campaign?

The visit ended with a presentation on the fellowship program and possible opportunities to get involved with the company and how we could start a possible career at H+K strategies in the future. Our group also got the chance to have one-on-one chats with the professionals at the end of the presentation to answer any follow-up questions and concerns. Overall, the entire visit surpassed my expectations and I will be sure to keep everything I learned at Hill+Knowlton with me to help dominate my future career plans.

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