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By Kate Hohenstatt


The first PRSSA general meeting of Spring Quarter began with Hana Link and Samantha Sipe from Golin, a leading and innovative communications company, stopping by to talk to DePaul students. Both Sipe and Link work on the McDonald’s account at Golin and were able to give us an in depth look at the nationwide launch of McDonald’s All Day Breakfast.

It was clear from the beginning of their presentation that research and crisis communication tactics were key when implementing this massive campaign. According to Golin’s website, two months before the brand planned to confirm the roll out of All Day Breakfast, 68% of the McDonald’s customers had already heard about the announcement, but less than half of those same customers were not aware that it wasn’t yet available nationally. Strategically, Golin leveraged this build up in customer brand love by bypassing the media elite and gave the official announcement directly to the people through personal 1:1 consumer engagements on Twitter.

By teaming up with Twitter, Golin was able to conduct a full-archive application programming interface (API) search. Through thorough research, approximately 300,000 tweets were identified as having key words regarding McDonald’s All Day Breakfast with the first tweet stemming from as early as 2007. The campaign was able to garner 6.6 billion impressions on Twitter thanks to Golin’s efforts.

Customized gifs and Twitter Influencers, such as Lolo Jones and Sinbad, were also able to help contribute to the efforts by spreading the news to their followers. The People’s Launch began on October 6 and over 17,000 tweets were responded to by the end of that first month.

After Link and Sipe’s presentation, students were able to ask questions the public relations professionals about their time working on such a large and important account. Since McDonald’s is franchised owned, Link and Sipe discussed how it was important to make sure all owners were on board for the all-day breakfast decision. This meant making sure over 14,000 McDonald’s throughout the United States all had the proper equipment and employee training to pull off making breakfast past 10:30 AM.

Learning about all of the behind scenes work that goes into a successful national campaign was compelling and fascinating. For students considering working or interning at an agency, this was a great opportunity to get an inside look at what the future might hold.


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