Member of the Quarter: Victoria Franso

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By Victoria Franso

It has been quite the journey.

I started college at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, without a clue as to what I wanted to do. After three years, I decided that an internship would be beneficial to my decision-making. At my first internship, I was fortunate enough to work on McDonald’s. I was assisting in writing event literature and setting up events such as NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Dinner with special guest Joe Biden. I was also heading to news stations to help with segments and talking points, and I even drafted press releases. The fast-paced environment and the everyday challenges strongly developed my interest. From then on, I wanted to immerse myself in the industry. That is when I decided to head to DePaul University – a university with one of the nation’s top public relations programs. It only made sense that I joined PRSSA to further my efforts for a successful career.


My time in PRSSA, though short, has been quite insightful. I have attended events and workshops. Through PRSSA meetings, I have connected with professors and other public relations students. It has definitely increased my networking. I have met senior account executives from notable agencies as well as recruiters from top firms. I must say that what I learn from this group is my favorite part. There is more beyond the classroom. It is important to be proactive, and that is something PRSSA taught me. Additionally, I have learned a great deal about people. My interactions with fellow PRSSA members shape me to become more considerate, and listen with the intent to understand, rather than just reply.


But I have big plans. Someday, you can catch me utilizing everything I have learned from PRSSA while working on the marketing team for “Saturday Night Live.” Comedy has been a big part of my life. It has gotten me through some of my toughest times. Since I am not anywhere close to being as funny as Cecily Strong or Bobby Moynihan, I figure why not promote them?


One of the best things about transferring to DePaul was the campus in Chicago. In Chicago, you are a train or bus ride away from something unknown. They say, “You learn something new every day.” Fortunately, the city of Chicago truly gives you never-ending opportunities to do so. There are endless coffee shops, restaurants and museums waiting for you to try them. As a lifelong Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs fan, I was able to experience the Blackhawks winning the 2015 Stanley Cup, and more importantly, the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series. It is an indescribable feeling.

Furthermore, I am grateful to be a student of DePaul University, a member of PRSSA, and a resident of Chicago. I am even more grateful to have earned the Member of the Quarter Award. I hope to continue and increase my participation in this organization to better serve it as well as showcase its qualities to aspiring PRAD professionals.

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