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This past week the DePaul PRSSA Executive Board took a trip to none other than Indianapolis for the PRSSA National Conference. This was an incredible opportunity to network with professionals and meet other motivated public relations students. While I wish I could tell you everything that happened in Indy, instead here is a list of my top five favorite parts about PRSSA Nationals.

5) Screening of “Time After Time”

One of the breakout sessions at PRSSA Nationals was a panel of publicists from Warner Brothers. These publicists work primarily with television shows. Thus their job is to ensure their shows get covered in Entertainment Weekly, Late Night, etc.

After the panel, the audience as invited to screen an new show set to premiere on ABC next fall. The show was incredible. I did not think I was going to enjoy it so much, but I cannot wait for episode two.

Rather than giving you a step by step summary of the show here is a link to the trailer: http://bit.ly/1Tes2Gh

4) Attending “Knowing What to Say: A Guide to Political Public Relations”

This panel focused on how communication in political organizations. The two panelists were former communications specialists in the Republican National Party and many governor administrations. Both provided an incredible insight onto the 2016 Presidential Election.

3) The PRSSA Career Fair

This was a great opportunity to network with some of the big PR agencies. I was able to learn a lot about the application process and the various internship programs. Additionally, it was great to see all the resources and companies that are enthusiastic about hiring public relations professionals.

2) Meeting Scott Kelly

One of the keynote speakers at the PRSA Conference was American astronaut Scott Kelly. Scott Kelly spent a year in space, to help scientists at NASA better understand how living in space for long periods of time impacts the human body.

The coolest part was after the presentation; a PRSA celebrity and DePaul University PRAD professor introduced us to Scott Kelly. It shows it pays to know people!!!

1) All the amazing new PRSSA friends

Easily my favorite part of nationals was meeting students from other schools with a vested interest in public relations. Hearing their ideas, interacting on social media and more was a great experience. I feel like I am leaving the conference with many new friends.

So that’s a wrap, over the next few weeks we will be featuring each of the members of our Executive Board and their perspective on Nationals. See you later!

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