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By Danny Cvengros

On Friday, October 7th the members of DePaul PRSSA traveled to Skirt PR to meet with the president, Lauren Donovan, for an agency visit. Skirt PR, established in 2003, is a boutique agency based in Chicago specializing in event management, social media, and of course, public relations.


Trendy, colorful, and bright are just a few carefully selected words to describe both Donovan’s dedicated work ethic and the agency alike. Donovan treated the members of DePaul PRSSA to a thorough array of information both about herself and her career success as well as the mission, functions, successes, and future aspirations of Skirt PR. She delved into discussion with the PRSSA members regarding the agency’s client relations, their exquisite events, and the overall employee culture of the agency.


Fast-paced, dedicated, and collaborative are the best words to describe the atmosphere and culture of the Skirt PR agency. With high heels hitting the hardwood floors at every moment, it is clear that Donovan and her employees are driven experts in the field of public relations. Donovan prided herself and her employees over their willingness to spare no time out of the sake of developing and maintaining the brand presence and success amongst consumer media, their primary target audience.


Alike Donovan and her pride of Skirt PR, we the members of DePaul PRSSA pride ourselves in our ability to have spent time with Lauren and the agency to learn about both its colorful history and its bright future ahead.

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