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By Patricia Murray

This upcoming Sunday DePaul PRSSA will be hosting our quarterly Twitter Chat. Every quarter DPU PRSSA chooses a different discussion topic for DePaul students and professors to engage with one another about. If you have never been involved with a Twitter Chat the purpose is for Twitter users to meet on Twitter at a predetermined time to discuss a certain topic of common interest. This upcoming chat’s topic will be Summer PR.

We will be asking how fellow DePaul students have stayed involved in PR this past summer, whether that be through internships, workshops or even reading specific publications. The goal of the upcoming Twitter chat is to help DPU PRAD majors or otherwise get a better idea of how to stay active and intellectually stimulated throughout the summer, leading into the Fall quarter.

If this will be your first time participating in a Twitter chat there’s some tips and information that will be important to remember throughout the conversation.

  1. In order to participate in a Twitter chat Twitter users use a designated hashtag to make it easy to follow along with the conversation. DePaul PRSSA will always use the hashtag #PRADChat. Be sure to use this in every tweet otherwise no one will see your tweet or be able to engage with you.
  1. You will be responding to a series of questions from the Twitter chat host, in the case of this Sunday the host will be @DePaulPRSSA. The Twitter host will always pose the questions in a numbered series.PRADCHATPIC1

    The participants will respond with the answer numbered as well.PRADCHATPIC2

     You should always retweet the question before responding; This way when an outsider looks at your Twitter feed they can see the questions you are responding to. PRADCHATPIC3

  2. If you want to make a response to an individual’s tweet, respond to that person directly. Unless you want all the participants to see your response to an individual’s tweet it won’t be necessary to used the #PRADChat hashtag.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Twitter chat process please reach out to us via email or on our social media channels. We hope to see you at our #PRADChat Sunday, August 21st at 6:30PM.

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