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Agency Visit: Weber Shandwick

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By Andrew Willett

On Friday, April 15, 2016, PRSSA members got the opportunity to go to one of the top PR agencies in the nation: Weber Shandwick. Besides the amazing view and office design, members were able to take away concrete, real-world PR practices that are unparalleled to learning in the classroom.

The charismatic ladies of Weber Shandwick shared with the group some insider information about life at Weber Shandwick. At Weber, each employee is given an hour a week called “Curiosity Hour” were they can explore a new topic or try something new as a form of inspiration. Some examples were going to the Art Institute, working from the observation deck of the John Hancock building, and chatting with a personal hero of theirs. You can check out some of the curiosity hours on Instagram with the hashtag #curiosityhour!

Our members were also given some information about what is trending in the PR field. The ladies of Weber spoke highly of data analysis and media monitoring. Trump even made an appearance in the presentation with his stance on the Oreo because “the product is made in Mexico”. Mondeléz is Oreo’s parent company and long-time client of Weber.

Some other tips that were shared is advice on being knowledgeable on trends and what is trending in your area. When it comes to applying for jobs, be sure to include transferable skills, volunteer experience, and be prepared with stories to emphasize your indicated abilities.

At the end of the day, Weber Shandwick is a great place for creative minds. They speak very highly of DePaul’s PRAD program! If you are interested in a career at Weber, check out their internship program at

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