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By Patricia Murray

This quarter DePaul PRSSA held its first ‪#‎PRADChat to discuss course curriculum and what that PRAD does to help members prepare for fall registration. This chat was chosen to take place the same day as the opening of the DePaul course cart. DePaul PRSSA will continue #PRADChat every quarter on a range of topics. These Twitter chats are open to all DePaul University students; however, these chats will focus primarily on PRAD and communication-based topics.


The following tweets are from participants of the PRAD chat.


Q1: What has been your favorite class in the College of Communication that you would recommend to other students?





Public Relations Campaigns is the culmination of years of work for DePaul PRAD students. It is important to note that Bateman counts as credit for Public Relations Campaigns. In both classes, students deal with real-world clients and utilize their PRAD skills at a whole new level. For additional information on Bateman, go to


Q2: What class is an elective or liberal studies requirement that you think will aid you in your communication-based career?





The world is your oyster in terms of communication-based electives. Students are able to take courses in a variety of communication majors. From Screenwriting to Personal Branding, DePaul offers several options to develop niche skills for future PRAD professionals.


Q3: What professor do you think everyone should take prior to graduation?





DePaul University is a teaching institute. Thus, professors are here for the sole purpose of teaching, not research. Due to this, many professors have real-world and industry experience. These teachers understand the ins and outs of the field and are constantly able to take students beyond the textbook.


Q4: What 2 credit classes do you recommend? Why?





Here at DePaul University students pay for 18 credit hours. So take advantage of those extra two credits and try something new.


Q5: What classes should you take earlier in your DePaul career and which classes can wait?


Students should try to take a PRAD class to get an understanding for the field. Additionally, taking PRAD classes is a great way to meet like-minded individuals in your major.

Future PRAD chats will focus on topics varying from networking to internships and beyond. If you wish to see the responses of all participants from this past chat focused on DePaul University curriculum, please follow the hashtag #PRADChat. We welcome you to stay tuned with DePaul PRSSA via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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