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By Jenna Chambers

I love New York City.

The City is made up over eight million souls who have traveled to this majestic meeting place to discover something new and to become someone new.

It’s an exciting place with noise that sounds all through the night, and lights that emulate the feeling of daytime.

And despite how easy it is to get lost in Manhattan, New York City has this way of making a person feel like they belong.

I love New York City and welcome any opportunity to travel their as with each trip brings a new and exciting adventure.

I recently traveled to NYC with the DePaul New York Way program, which was a weeklong immersion into New York agency life and culture.

What I imagined would be an amplified version of the typical agency visit, turned out to be an experience that not only shifted and shaped perception towards agencies in general, but also New York City overall.

IMG_4310We heard from panels of young professionals, were presented campaigns from Account Executives, and learned about the future of the industry from senior-level leadership.

While visiting each agency we were tasked with identifying what was different between each one and each agency we visited brought a different flavor, culture, and style.

The work that they do may be similar in nature, but not one agency is alike. Ten agencies in total and I learned something new from each one.

The biggest lesson I learned from each agency visit: Be passionate about what you and it will reflect in the work you do.

The biggest lesson I learned from being in New York: Travel outside of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Jenna Chambers is a senior at DePaul University studying public relations and international politics. She serves on the PRSSA e-board as the vice president of digital curating the blog and developing the website. Follow her @JennaNichelle94 and on LinkedIn

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