Uber CEO Makes Questionable Remarks

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uber-logoBy Chris Devadatta

Chicago residents are likely familiar with Uber: a start-up ride-sharing company providing private transportation.

While Uber is successful, valued at $40 billion, the company has faced scrutiny in the past month. In early November, Uber got a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau with complaints about surging prices, in which customers are charged more based on traffic, weather, and demand.

A more recent blunder came up mid-November after Uber Senior Vice President, Emil Michael, made controversial remarks. Addressing journalists critical of Uber, Michael stated the company would “dig up information on ‘your personal lives, your families.’”

Michael apologized following the incident, as did Uber.

While this may seem troubling, privacy violations are nothing new especially in the tech industry. It has been noted that Uber faces these issues due to their lack of adequate leadership being a company run by young professional who do not understand the consequences of their actions.

In an effort to combat the issues, Uber should strive to move forward. The company should focus on cleaning up the negative press and demonstrate a change in values highlighting privacy as a main concern.

Chris Devadatta is a senior at DePaul University studying public relations and business administration. He serves on the PRSSA e-board as the vice president of philanthropy where he works to connect students to community service opportunities around Chicago. Follow him @ChrisDevadatta and connect on LinkedIn

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